About Us

About Us

At Apollo Markets we believe in state of the art technology and VIP services to all our partners. We work for the collective good of our partners in bringing to light their desired investment or service provision objectives.

That’s why in 2013, Apollo Markets was founded by two amazing gentlemen one from Investment banking and liquidity structuring background and the other from IT and brokerage set up as well as fund structuring background.

Working with leading technology providers, in the money and capital markets, Apollo Markets focuses on providing tailored made technology solutions to all industry participants ranging from resellers of technology, Branded White Labels, Full brokerages, Grey Labels, Robust IB programs, Money Management technology for pooled funds, Institutional Connectivity to ECN networks, Direct provision of API and Web connectivity to tier one PAMM systems and ECN/STP networks to structured financial products.

With a combined experience of over 28years in the investment, technology and IT markets, Apollo Markets strong partnerships with Liquidity providers (LPs) who aggregate liquidity from all major Tier 1 banks, PSP providers, Company structuring and set ups, as well as connections into banking systems and proven fund managers and hedge fund industry, we are revolutionising how the forex brokerage and money management industry is set up.

That is why all our clients and Partners trust and believe us.

What Brokers and Money Managers Love about us.

  • We deliver exactly what you want and more
  • We aggregate liquidity from more than 22 major banking networks
  • We save all our clients an average of $96000 a year in cost
  • Our set up costs are very competitive and affordable
  • We complete brokerage set ups in 3-5 weeks
  • We are available 24/7 to answer all queries
  • We help you grow your brokerage
  • We believe in you, hence we stack our reputation for your success.

White Label

As a white label partner, you will get your own branded MT4/5 terminal, connected to our deep liquidity.

Mt4 White Label

The most popular trading platform, developed by Metaquotes – our partner in the field of trading solutions for brokers.

Allocated architecture, perfect security system, mobile trading, powerful automated trading – these are just some of the distinctive features of MetaTrader 4.


  • Multilanguage support
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Reliability and safety
  • Open interfaces (MetaTrader 4 API)
  • Web-trading
  • Multicurrency

MT5 White Label

One of the fastest, powerful and cost-effective platforms in the world, developed by the leader in trading solutions for brokers – MetaQuotes.

New system allows your clients and traders:

  • To write robots and expert in several minutes
  • To see depth of the market due to the “glass”
  • Analyze the market with built-in advanced indicators
  • Work on the dozens of world exchanges, which have already accredited this platform

Why our white labels are the most popular in the market:

White label solutions are very popular among brokerage companies and here is why our partners choose to work with us

Why you should choose Apollo Markets?

  • Unique technologies – not just by words. Our services are regularly updated with new and improved solutions.
  • We provide you with 88 currency pairs, 16 spots, 14 world indices and about 1000 global shares with a high-quality liquidity and rapid access to the market. We also provide you Cryptocurrency pairs.
  • We provide round the clock product support, accepting any requests for set up and deliver them quickly and efficiently as close as possible.
  • Our Product pricing is one of the lowest in the market, and the transparent system of mutual settlements through the Apollo Markets personal account is definitely the most comfortable.
  • Large variety of connected services for the product and the potential for further customization to delight you and your clients.

Our clients save on average $200,000 a year as per the following:

You save with OUR White Label solution

$75 000 on MT4/MT5 Purchase

$16 000 / year On 4 powerful servers hosting

In order to ensure complete and reliable coverage all over the world

$72 000 / year At least 4 salaries of employees with an average salary of $1500 for:– setup and ensure round the clock service

All servers and trading platform optimization and monitoring

$36 000 / year On the purchase and maintenance of:

  • Aggregators
  • Bridges
  • Plugins
  • Liquidity Providers
  • Complete System Set Up

As a WHITE LABEL You DECIDE your Business Solution and can model for A-BOOK or B-BOOK

Purchasing Apollo Markets White Label MТ4 or МТ5 you get:

  • Branded MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader5 trading platform
  • Aggregated liquidity from upto six liquidity providers without markup
  • МТ4 web platform, mobile and tablet versions of MT4 or MT5 applications for Mac OS and Android
  • Order execution with STP DMA for 0.04 seconds
  • Dealing Desk and STP groups
  • МТ-manager terminal accounts
  • Configuration of the trade groups to your account types, trading tools and commissions
  • Rapid product deployment and 24/7 support
  • Single margin account for the STP group of accounts
  • Automatic advanced daily html report with all the parameters configured to your specifications

Apollo Markets White Label STEPS

This is your broker and is ready for work in 10 days

Stage I (1 day)
We provide you access to the demo trading server, for the evaluation of liquidity and the trade operation quality of execution.

Stage II (1 day)
Signing the contract, which specifies trading conditions, a set of connected services, number of clients groups, the number of accounts with managers access as well as details of the mutual scheme.

Stage III (2 days)
We request you to send application documents to MetaQuotes, and ask for the scheme to customize the trading platform.

Stage IV (4 days)
Once request is processed we make trade and demo server set up according the contract. Setup takes up to five working days, depending on the connected services.

Stage V (2 days)
Once trading and demo servers are ready, your personal account manager provides access to accounts marked in the contract, links to download the branded trading platform, links to download MetaTrader Manager platform.

Stage VI
Product is ready for work. After launch of the product B2B Broker technical support is available 24/7 for all connected services.

For More information or to sign up for our white label, Email: partnerships@apollomarkets.co.uk

Apollo Markets is one of only a few technology providers offering Crypto currency solutions to its Brokerages and institutional clients. We are the first in the market to launch as TURNKEY solution for cryptocurrency brokerages.

Cryptocurrency Broker Turnkey

Apollo Markets provides the full range of products and services, which are necessary to create a cryptocurrency broker from scratch:

  • Legal framework
  • Providing various platforms
  • Access to cryptoliquidity

No swaps for marginal trading, leverage of 1:3 and trading 24/7.

Cryptocurrency Liquidity

Cryptocurrency liquidity allows to buy and sell a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency at any time. We aggregate the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, for which there is demand and supply. Accordingly, liquidity is the presence of a permanent volume of orders on the market (on exchanges).

Apollo Markets has developed and launched the aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity. We aggregate our liquidity from five largest crypto-exchanges. From now on, banks, hedge funds, brokerage companies, stock exchanges, financial institutions and professional traders have the ability to execute orders at the best prices through the B2BX aggregator, FIX API and any other trading platforms.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange is intended for physical purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. Using cryptocurrency exchange, Apollo Markets gives customers the ability customers to exchange one asset for another. For example, a client can change dollars to any electronic currency or cryptocurrency.

Our cryptocurrency exchange offers 18 different pairs by default based on the top 6 cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies can be traded for different pairs: for dollars, for euros, for GBP, for rubles and between cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency exchange consists of five main blocks:

  • License / Registration
  • Trader’s room with a brand new cryptocurrency exchanger function
  • Aggregator and order matching
  • Trading Platform TickTrader
  • Cryptocurrency liquidity

Cryptocurrency Exchanger

Cryptocurrency exchanger is trader’s room, where customers can open personal electronic accounts nominated in different currencies.

Clients can replenish electronic accounts using any fiat and cryptocurrencies (pounds, dollars, euros, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and any electronic accounts) and then change them at the rate of any exchange to any fiat and cryptocurrency.

Crypto-exchanger takes commissions set by the administrator from clients.

Our Trader’s room is integrated with all known payment systems on the market (Netteler, Skrill, E-payments, B2BinPay, Capitalist, OkPay, PayZa, AliPay, WeChat, etc.).

The Trader’s room is integrated with all main BlockChain nodes, which allow you and your clients to receive and send deposits in any crypto currency.

For More information on this solution please email us on: partnerships@apollomarkets.co.uk

We work only with the best in providing you with the best liquidity in the market.

Our Advantages

  • Work with the largest ECN in the world: Integral offers direct access to deep institutional and anonymous liquidity.
  • No «Requotes» or «Last Looks». There is no transaction review after execution.
  • Anonymous trading and access to 20 levels of market depth through the «Depth of Market». The ability to place orders at any level of «The Book».
  • 9 asset classes, 1500+ trading instruments and total DMA / STP access to 19 of the best FX liquidity providers and 80major and minor derivatives and commodities exchanges.
  • Through «Integral» we offer Forex, Metals, Indexes, Energy, Commodities, Equities, Crypto-Currencies, ETFs and Futures. Our service is Prime of Prime.
  • Total post-trade transparency in accordance with VFSC regulations. Full openness and transparency of work through true STP / DMA / ECN.
  • Transfer of orders via Apollo Markets Liquidity (FX-Inside Integral) platforms, FIX API (Java, FIX 4.4, .NET), MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway.
  • «Fill or Fill» execution model. Operates without requotes, with the possibility of positive slippage and ultra-low latency (less than 10 ms) in the performance of any trading volume from 0.01 to infinity.

Our Clients Include:

We provide three kinds of Liquidity Solutions

Three Types of Liquidity Connections

Through FIX API

Large brokers connecting DMA Liquidity on the FIX API provide a more dense depth of market, which means even better spread and quoting for their traders. At the request of the Broker, we can incorporate any Liquidity Provider into our aggregator, and act as the Prime Broker. In this case, the Broker’s clients will receive a single margin account and aggregated prices from several Liquidity Providers for one connection.

Through Cloud

By connecting DMA Liquidity through Cloud Apollo Bridge, the Broker will be able to easily manage their risks by switching accounts or groups of accounts to the A-Book and B-Book models. At the same time, there is no need to pay a separate commission for the Bridge, Apollo Markets provides its innovative development bridge for absolutely free. The solution is suitable for both MT4 and MT5, and it is possible to connect any other platform to the DMA Liquidity very quickly through the API using Cloud Bridge.

Through a White Label

By connecting DMA Liquidity under the WL system, the start-up broker can focus on their main goal: attracting customers. Apollo markets removes all issues with platform customization, the creation of appropriate trading conditions, provision of tools and the direct connection to liquidity. We offer a fully prepared, fast and inexpensive solution for launching a Forex business. You can order the complete package with the product “Broker Turnkey”.

For More information please Email: partnerships@apollomarkets.co.uk

At Apollo Markets we are mindful of the requirements of all our partners and clients, that why we have come up with three broker turnkey solutions to meet each and every client’s needs. Our brokerage packages are designed to save you cost, time and increase efficiency.

START UP BUNDLE: 3-4 weeks Set Up Time.

As a start-up forex brokerage cost saving cost is of utmost importance as such our product bundle is designed to achieve this goal. In our start up bundle, partners will get the following products:

Optional Services:

Legal And Financial Services: At the expressed request of the client we can set up a Non-Regulated structure for the clients with banking and psp solutions to facilitate the clients launch.

This service is best for introducing brokers who have a good client base and are looking for a more profitable set up for themselves. The entire set up process can take up to four weeks depending on interactions with the client.

Advanced Bundle: 4-6 weeks to Set Up.

With the advanced bundle the client will get all of the above and in addition the client will also have

Best for:

Businesspersons, that know forex market brokerage, have their own clients’ database and perhaps have worked as agents or IBs.

For this option as well, there is an option for the setting up of a legal entity or structure, offshore or on-shore, with payment systems and banking operations. A set up of this nature can take upto six weeks, depending on how fast information is received.

Enterprise Package: 6-8 Weeks Set Up

Our enterprise package is the most advanced brokerage set up, that will constitute all of the above features with two additional features:

Best for:

Investors considering global FX brokerage establishment. A bundle of products and services for creation of a leading brokerage company in the field of customer service and inner infrastructure.

How Much Does Your Own Brokerage Cost?

By Partnering with us you will save approximately $840,000. Now that’s a lot of profits.

To partner with us in establishing your own forex brand, please send us an email at partnerships@apollomarkets.co.uk.

The Apollo Markets PAMM/MAM system is not just any kind of ordinary platform, it is a robust system designed to give money managers the flexibility and assurance of proper risk management and performance and fee allocations. Our systems ensure that the investor decides for themselves what risk profile suits them before investing and once the conditions are set, our systems run smoothly and automatically without any glitches unless adjusted by the client or manager.

PAMM/MAM platform of Apollo Markets is the most advanced and flexible software on the market right now. Depending on regulation and clients’ requests you can bring any business model to it: from retail social trading to institutional hedge fund or prop trading company.

Our Social Trading system allows for clients to copy successful traders and have performance fees automatically managed and disbursed.

Social Trading (copier)

Copier is the base for creation of social trading platform. Managers trade and collect statistics, investors see rating, choose managers and connect their accounts to them.

  • Any MT4 Accounts You can use standard MT4 accounts as Master or follower’s account. No additional groups is needed.
  • Full Freedom Investor choose a manager from a rating by his own. He can connect his investment account to 2 or more master accounts simultaneously and change different risk ratios for their orders.


The most popular way of running platform in strict regulations like Cysec, FCA, ASIC.

  • Full control Manager choose by his own on what investment accounts and how to allocate his orders. He also can activate and deactivate investors via his manager’s terminal.
  • Cysec, ASIC, FCA compliant Broker has full control and connects/disconnects investors from manager via Admin Panel.

Manager can activate and deactivate investors from his manager’s interface.


Classical PAMM-scheme when master account consists of several investment account (like investment fund).

  • One manager – one account All trading is conducted on Master account. Investors cannot trade on their accounts.
  • Fees payments and deposit/withdrawal operations are fully automated. Spend your resources on marketing not routine.

Our PAMM Systems Have The Following Advantages:

A) Saving you cost by working with us you will save an average of $53400 a year

B) All our systems have ready interfaces for integration

C) Our systems have automated risk management settings for traders and investors.

D) We have integrated partnership programs

Here brokers or IBs can work together to get one big client and all will be paid according to their agreed fee schedule.

In this case several IBs can introduce several clients to one manager and all will be paid according to the agreed percentages with the manager.

All our systems ensure a happy outcome for all participants.

To find out more about our PAMM/MAM systems please email us at partnerships@apollomarkets.co.uk

Apollo Markets Trader’s room

Is a readymade functional solution for brokerage businesses with the following features:

  • Users registration
  • All user’s data retention and verification in your company’s database
  • Complete conversion chain: from account opening to making payments
  • Feedback: Online consulting, messages, surveys
  • Account analytics and recommendations for your clients
  • Settlements: making payments, withdrawals
  • Safe infrastructure of access permissions and logging
  • Everyday aggregated transactions and registrations reports
  • Complete integration with CRM, ERP and analytical systems
  • Integrated popular payment systems

By using our Ready Made Traders Room Solutions, you will automatically save the following costs

With our Traders Room you also get

With Our Bespoke Traders Room you have the following advantages:

For more information about using our Traders Room please Email: partnerships@apollomarkets.co.uk

At Apollo Markets we work as a one-stop-shop for all your brokerage requirements that’s why we also provide legal and financial services to help you get started with efficiency covering all areas. Therefore we provide the following services:

A) Company Formations and Registration:

We understand registering a company and deciding its structure can sometimes be a tedious task, so why not let us help? Working with legal experts Apollo Markets can help you incorporate your company in an on-shore or off-shore jurisdiction.

Our prices are very competitive and are all dependent on your chosen jurisdictions for incorporation. Because of our years in company formations, we always get the best prices and save all our clients an average of $2000. For more information and to get your company up and running in less than a week let us know and we will gladly help.

B) Licenses and Regulations:

Today lots of jurisdictions regulate investment and brokerage services in particular. We have accumulated experience of best practices and precisely defined the optimum license for you.

European regulators, such as CySec, Bulgaria regulators, Lithuania, Latvia and others have a number of advantages at relatively low cost, while at the same time, Labuan and Belize regulators are more loyal to monitoring and reporting.

Every jurisdiction has its advantages and limitations, Apollo Markets focuses on the benefits based on your business model to deliver you a satisfactory solution.

C) Opening of Company Bank Accounts:

One of the most challenging task for every new brokerage is finding a bank willing to work with them. Our years of experiencing in setting up brokerages have given us a great reputation with a variety of banks in several jurisdictions. Our banking partners welcome our clients with open arms and are faithful and loyal in performing their operations to the extent that our clients require. We work with several European banks and several off-shore banks where your brokerage funds can be held and you can receive and process wire transfers and settlements.

D) Merchant Accounts:

Working with a variety of merchants Apollo Markets provides you with merchant services which will be directly linked to your bank accounts. Our merchant services facilitate settlements as a result facilitate your operations giving you greater efficiency. This service allows your clients to be able to make deposits and withdrawals easily and all in a fully automated manner. This process can be quite a tedious and cumbersome one, usually because the banks will check and recheck to ensure that the website processing the money is not a scam website so as to protect both clients and owners of brokerages, in most cases doing this on your own will prove futile, that’s why most of our partners rely on us to help them set up such services.

E) Payment Systems and Gateways (PSP)W

Working for several years we have observed some clients give up on their dreams of owning a brokerage just because they can’t find a PSP or payment gateway. The industry is so concerned about providing this service to the wrong kind of individuals as much fraud has been committed through psp. However with after setting up over thirty brokerages and funds, our payment gateway providers trust the authenticity of our clients and as such its always much easier letting our experts help you integrate a PSP into your brokerage. This also adds value and gives your clients peace of mind.

It is common knowledge that a partner, particularly financial, is required to be reliable. If he is not – it is a problem.

We will not tolerate choice of unfair financial partner and choose the best payment systems and methods for them, based on the business objectives, geography of payments receiving, the size and frequency of payments, and many other factors, reducing your risk to a minimum.

All our partners have a perfect business reputation, wise ways of funds acceptance and withdrawal, and, of course, good conditions. Among them, European, Asian, Russian and American companies that provide services in the field of processing online payments for online businesses from various industries.

For more information on any of the above services please send us an email at : partnerships@apollomarkets.co.uk